Chauvin Arnoux CA8352 electrical network analysis instrument

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Chauvin Arnoux
The C.A 8352 is an electrical network analysis instrument (harmonics, power, EN 50160, flicker, etc.). Easy to use, this instrument can be programmed and read at the touch of the screen, in the particularly user-friendly Windows environment.

The C.A 8352 includes FFT analysis functions and an oscilloscope mode for displaying curves. The instrument's configuration is defined by the user according to the option chosen:

·  "RMS hp" (half-period) power analysis/ monitoring of minimum, maximum and average values calculated over a half-period (i.e. 10 ms) during the integration period defined (option 1);

·  Flicker measurement/ EN 50160 standard analysis (option 2);

·  Recording of transients (option 3);

·  Data logger: analogue data recording (option 4)

·  Location and recording of control and remote control signals

(option 5)

·  "Symmetry" option displaying the direct, indirect and homopolar values in U and I and indicating the unbalance of the system in terms of voltage and current/measurement and monitoring of load and short-circuit impedances on each phase of the electrical grid (option 6)

·  remote communication via ETHERNET of the various graphic screens and the data recorded (option 7)

The software (+USB cable) can be used to generate and print data reports.

Even greater capabilities...

·  working memory increased to 10GB on internal hard disk

·  10-inch LCD graphic screen

·  sampling frequency raised to 38.4kHz

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