About us

MEGATESTER ltd “Selected units” is a private company has worked on the Russian market since 1998. Our clients are leading companies from the power and electro sectors, oil and gas industry, chemical, aerospace, railways and research institutes.

Our success is based also on the 4 simple BEST rules


  1. BEST instruments. All units we are offering are carefully selected and tested by our professional experts. Most of the instruments have Russian certificates and 3 years warranty and ready to work under tough Russian regulations and conditions.
  2. BEST service. We understand how important to be in the contact with the client ever after he bought any sophisticated equipment. Our 24H hot line and service center  is ready to help all our partners around the whole of Russia (from St Petersburg to Sakhalin)
  3. BEST delivery time. We are ready supply the most favorite instruments from our huge stock to you on the no-time-to-wait bases. For the special orders with the direct shipments from the manufactures and our modern logistic system we keep your waiting time on the minimum possible level.
  4. BEST prices. We guarantee the best possible prices on the market up to our direct relation to the manufacturies and the big numbers of the buying of the equipment. As well our transportation department is always looking how to reduce the shipping expenses.


Thank you again for visiting our web page. Our experienced team is ready to support your needs much better ever you can expect.