HVA30-5 HI POWER VLF and DC Hipot Instrument

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b2 - HV Diagnostics
The HVA30 provides the testing and commissioning engineer with a versatile high voltage power source suitable for testing electrical plant including cables: XLPE, PE, EPR, PILC etc, capacitors, switchgear, transformers, rotating machines, insulators and bushings. The HVA30-5 provides increased power for the longer cable runs.
It is well known that DC testing of aged extruded cable such as XLPE and EPR is potentially damaging to the cable insulation causing premature failure of the cable under service condi­tions. Any form of DC testing has been found to be ineffective in detecting even serious faults in such cables. It is because of these limitations that International and National bodies such as CENELEC, VDE, SABS and the IEEE now recommend testing utilising low frequency AC test systems. VLF testing enables the cable test engineer to detect insulation defects before the cable fails in service.
The HVA30 has a very advantageous power / weight ratio. At 50kgs the HVA30/5 is one the lightest VLF test systems of its rating available today. Apart from the VLF output the HVA30/5 can also pro­duce either polarity DC together with a cable sheath /jacket testing modes. The output test se­quences, which are easily set by the operator, can be either set manual or fully automatic op­eration. In the VLF mode the HVA30/5 will output 23kV RMS into a 0.5µF at 0.1Hz. However, as the VLF frequency can be adjusted, loads of up to 2.5µF can be tested with an output fre­quency of 0.02Hz. The output VLF waveform is load independent and symmetrical thus avoid­ing destructive space charge effects caused by DC polarisation. To further assist the operator the HVA30/5 will automatically calculate the optimum output frequency for larger loads. All test results are stored on a on-volatile memory for downloading to a PC for review and analysis.
  • Lightweight portable unit
  • Solid state air insulated design
  • True sine wave low frequency output
  • Suitable for VLF, DC and Jacket/ sheath testing
  • Fault conditioning capability
  • Test result storage capability
  • Full short circuit protection with arc management regulation
  • Provides compliance with CENELEC, IEEE 400.2, VDE 0296 and other international stan­dards
  • Manual or fully automatic test se­quence selection .Real-time display of actual output waveform

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