CA6550, 10kV insulation tester, 20TOhm

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Chauvin Arnoux
  • Wide measurement range from 10 k to 30 TOhm
  • Fixed or programmable test voltage from 40 V to 10kV
  • 5 mA charging current
  • Large backlit LCD screen with digital display, bargraph and R(t)+u(t) , i(t) and i(u) graphs
  • Automatic calculation of DAR / PI / DD / R/R (ppm/V) ratios
  • Multiple test modes: voltage ramp and step with «burn-in», «early break» and “I-limit” modes
  • 3  filters to optimize measurement stability
  • Calculation of R at a reference temperature
  • 1.6 MB memory and Real-time Clock
  • Optically-isolated USB communication for transfer onto PC and report generation with the DataView® software

With their test voltages of up to 10 kV/15 kV, the C.A 6550 and C.A 6555 megohmmeters are expert tools for testing insulation safely and accurately. As they comply with the most recent recommended practice while taking into account future developments, they are ideal for use on rotating equipment and machinery operating at 12 kV or even higher.
The multiple test modes mean that you can both assess the insulation in qualitative terms by non-destructive testing («I-limit» and «early-break» modes) and use samples to investigate insulation ageing problems for preventive maintenance purposes («burn-in» mode).
The C.A 6550 and C.A 6555 offer quick, effective checking of test execution by displaying the evolution of the test in progress in graphic form. Thanks to their large storage capacity, complete analysis of the test sessions performed on-site can be carried out with the DataView® software after transferring the data onto a PC.

Front panel of the unit with control, navigation keys, PC communication

Large backlit graphic LCD screen

State at delivery

C.A 6550 and C.A 6555 delivered in a bag with 2 safety leads 3 m long equipped with an HV plug at each end (red / blue), 1 protected safety cable 3 m long equipped with an HV plug at one end and an HV plug with rear connection at the other end (black), 3 crocodiles clips (red, blue, black), 2 CAT IV 1,000 V test probes (red/black) for voltage measurements, 1 blue lead with rear connection, 1 mains power cable 2 m long,DataView® software, 1 optical / USB communication lead, 1 operating
manual in 5 languages on CD-ROM and 5 speci cation labels (1 per language).


Test voltages
500 V:    10 k to 2 T
1,000 V: 10 k to 4 T
2,500 V: 10 k to 10 T
5,000 V: 10 k to 10 T
10,000 V: 10 k to 20 T

Capacitance measurement (> 500 V)    0.001-9.999 μF / 10.00-49.99 μF
Leakage current measurement 0 - 10 mA
Ratio calculation PI, DAR, DD
Graphs on display R(t)+u(t); i(t); i(u);
Storage 256 recordings, 80,000 points : R, U, I and date
Communication Optically-isolated port for USB and RS232 links

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