Fluke 1550

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Digital insulation testing up to 5000 Volts
The Fluke 1550 is a digital MegOhmMeter capable of testing switchgear, motors, generators, and cables at up to 5000 V DC

The Fluke 1550 is designed for testing switchgear, transformers, motors, generators and cables. It can be used for a wide range of tests from simple spot checks to timed and breakdown tests. Its 99 memory locations store all measurement parameters, which can then be downloaded to a Windows®-based computer using the Quicklink 1550 software and optical interface cable that come with the meter.


The Fluke 1550 has the features you expect on higher-end testers, including a ramp function (0-5000 VDC) for breakdown testing, a timer for dielectric absorption, plus the ability to conduct leakage current and cable or insulation capacitance tests. Easy to use with a simple interface, the meter provides insulation resistance testing up to 1 tera-ohm, with four output voltages: 500 V, 1000 V, 2500 V, 5000 V. The Fluke 1550's warning voltage alerts notify the user that voltage is present and gives the voltage reading up to 600 V ac or dc.


With its large, fast-responding analog/digital display, The Fluke 1550 shows measurement changes graphically with easy-to-read analog bar graphs as well as digital measurements. The last-reading memory display is ideal for insulation resistance and lo-ohms. "With its memory storage, Quicklink software, and long-life rechargeable battery, the Fluke 1550 is the perfect tool for preventive maintenance," said Marcel Vermeij, electrical marketing manager for Fluke Corporation. "It includes everything electricians and maintenance technicians need to do their jobs quickly and easily."

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