Chauvin Arnoux CA6415 NEW earth clamp and loop measurement

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Chauvin Arnoux


- Display of the ground voltage*
- Force compensation system*
- Automatic Pre-Hold mode
- Automatic calibration of jaw opening
- Possibility of recalibration without returning to the factory
- Programmable alarms on , A and V
- Dangerous Voltage alarm
- Loop resistance measurement from 0.01 to 1,500 
- Ground inductance measurement from 10 to 500 μH
- Leakage current measurement from 0.2 mA to 40 A
- Storage of up to 2,000 time/date-stamped measurements
- GTC and DataView® analysis and report generation software

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The rugged C.A 6416 and C.A 6417 clamps are designed for day-to-day use. Their weight has been limited by using
high-performance magnetic materials. To ensure more comfortable use, the clamp’s jaw benefits from a new feature: a force compensation system installed on the trigger. Minimal effort is required to keep the clamp open in order to optimize handling of the product while reducing user fatigue.
As an additional safety feature, a protective guard prevents the hand slipping during measurements. The moulded-silicone rotary switch is easy to operate even when wearing safety gloves. The large function keys on the front of the clamp give direct access to the various functions.

Ground measurements in urban areas are often difficult because it is not possible to set up ground stakes. These ground clamps can be used to perform selective measurements on a parallel ground system without disconnecting conductors or even setting up stakes.
In the case of regularly-spaced ground connections or an underground ground loop, the use of ground clamps to measure low values allows you to check the continuity of the loop conductor tested.

Measurement of grounds in parallel on MV/LV installations
To ensure the quality of the ground present on the whole distribution network, an extended ground is set up using all the local grounds in parallel: grounds of electricity poles, building grounds, etc.
Ground measurements in urban areas and/or on buildings with Faraday cages On buildings in urban areas where the grounding system comprises numerous ground connections in parallel and in buildings equipped with sensitive electronic equipment, a network of ground conductors connected to multiple grounds helps to equalize the potential of the chassis-grounds, particularly in the event of storms.

Measurements on telecommunications lines
To protect their line from disturbances, the telecommunications line provider isolates the cable by means of a conducting sheath connected to the ground over its whole length. Indeed, under the influence of external electromagnetic fields, telecommunication cables, which comprise several conductors, are subject to a stray current which disturbs the devices connected. This current, called the common mode, often drains to ground.

Measurements in the rail sector
Railways are particularly well protected against lightning and voltage surges. The poles bearing the catenary, the rails and sometimes even the fences are connected to the ground. In addition, to obtain a lower ground resistance, the poles, rails and fences are interconnected to create a network of multiple grounds set up in parallel.

Ground measurement on buried or surface pipelines
The ground connection of the pipeline is checked with a ground clamp by ground-loop and low-current or leakage-current measurements. In the case of pipelines, the presence of several independent but neighbouring ground networks may cause a significant difference in potential leading to dangerous stray currents. In order to prevent this, specific connections are set up to interconnect the various ground networks, thus guaranteeing
their equipotentiality.

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